“Elementary and Basic Practice for a Regime of Discipline and Order” by General Manuel Antonio

“Elementary and Basic Practice for a Regime of Discipline and Order”
by General Manuel Antonio Noriega

With order is born, discipline is learned!

Get to your room. Look 360 degrees and spot the unpleasant smell of damp and dirt from your spilled clothes, smelly socks, shirt. Basically: a mess! You promise to change that because the way you live, so you think. Simple experiment of yours.

I’m going to be orderly, I’m just going to do my things, I’m going to manage my life behavior.

1 — Night has come, I’m going to bed.

a) I take off my jacket or jacket; I hang it on the hook or hang it in the right place.
b) I remove my pants, fold them at their folds and hang them on the hook of my shirt or place them folded on a chair, table, or something near my bed.
c) T-shirt, underpants, folded over the pants, one on top of the other.
d) Stockings, even folded over the previous bulge.
e) I have already had my glass of water, brushed my teeth, urinated, I go to bed.

2 — Get up: first to bathe. Personal cleanliness.

3 — Dress in the order you see.

4 — With time you leave your room and house tidy.

5 — After breakfast you wash your elementary utensils. Cup, glass, plate, spoon. Table wiped clean. Leave no crumbs. With the broom make an elemental sweep around the kitchen, dining room, bed.

6 — Before leaving with my eyes I give a review of how I leave the room. If there are magazines, loose books, I put them in a specific place. Closing the door I see the time on my watch. The same when returning and entering the room.

7 — When I return I must know the calls, answer them. When doing my study assignments, order notebooks, books, pencils, table and chair. Eye! Don’t do homework in bed. Do not read anything lying down. Make your order and discipline of study to be with the senses focused alert. The bed calls to leisure, rest drowsiness.

8 — Make these elementary points and you will see that it is in order. Disciplinary causes a multiplied effect at home thing or time of activities. Knowing and remembering the name and profession of the person, recording his name and face. Look for the association with known facts or things.

9 — When you meet and are introduced to someone, look into their eyes, clench your hands firmly, speak and answer loud and clear without hesitation. Let your energy feel. Smile. Lift your head. Be polite without shyness. Speaks. Ask about anything but don’t be judged as shy and less self-conscious.

10 — This is done daily by yourself, simply.

11 — No drugs. No drunkenness due to sadness, melancholy, fear or complex.

12 — We started with your room for a reason. Because you and only you are the center of the world. The universe revolves around you. Believe and you will see amazing things!

General Manuel Noriega — http://Noriega.carrd.co

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