“A Question of Sovereignty” by Partido Revolucionario Democratico

General Manuel Antonio Noriega
2 min readMay 7, 2021

“A Question of Sovereignty” by Partido Revolucionario Democratico (PRD)

On March 4, the Mexican daily El Dia published in full a communique issued by Panama’s Revolutionary Democratic Party (PRD).

Excerpts follow:

The existence in Panama of an alleged conflict between military and civilians of a purely local nature has been declared, when what is developing here is a new episode in our nation’s fight for its sovereignty, which is clearly tied to the global policy of the aggressor party, the United States, towards the whole of Latin America.

The behavior of each and every Panamanian, be they worker, priest, businessman or army man, is defined by this choice between colonialism and liberation. Every Latin American must define him or herself in terms of the aggres­sion of which our country is today an object.

The definition which the Panamanian crisis demands of honest Latin Americans becomes clearer, when it is proven by events that Panama has been turned into a labora­tory for the development of new and complex means of in­tervention and destabilization against Latin American gov­ernments, which have already begun to be applied against other countries of the region.

It is the case with the campaign carried out by the National Action Party (PAN) of Mexico, in which can be seen in their proposals, methods, and plans, the previously orchestrated campaign against Panama by the United States embassy, through the self-proclaimed Civic Crusade. The operation launched in Peru through the so-called ‘Dem­ocratic Front,’ is the same thing.

Each and every one is sustained by the active conspiracy of the transnational banks, the organizations of the Black International, the most reactionary sectors of the ecclesiasti­cal hierarchy, and the oligarchic groups of old and new stripe, which act as internal agents of aggression that originates abroad.

Historic circumstances foreign and hostile to the interests of the Panamanian people, have led us, once again, to occupy a vanguard position in Latin America’s fight for the right of our republics to a democratic life based upon effective na­tional self-determination, and upon attention to the demands of social justice.

We Panamanians will know how to fulfill our responsibilities to ourselves, and to our Latin American comrades.